Using an Apple iPad or Android Tablet Device for Your Home Based Business

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The days of the paperless lifestyle are becoming more and more of a reality with tablet devices. Almost every area of business has been touched by these tablet devices.
A good example is music. Musicians no longer have to fumble over scores of sheet music, or even worry about losing or forgetting to bring their repertoire. They can just flip through the next page of a song while they perform live. Digital Audio Workstations are also making their way towards these tablet devices. You can even compose and arrange an entire symphony on an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy Tab.
Then there’s marketing. You can carry all the marketing material you need, all in one device. Business presentations are now portable more than ever. You can sit in front of 5-6 people and present your product, opportunity and results, readily and easily. You can show your prospects images and interactive demos of prototypes. Artist and Designer job seekers can now bring their entire portfolio on these devices, without having to lug around heavy pieces of artwork.
It will, however, take a tad bit of elbow grease to learn how to put your work onto a tablet device. However, we live in a world where most people are now comfortable with technology that they embrace it into their lifestyles. In fact, the tablet has opened a new world of possibilities and even jobs as well.
Here are some things you can do with a tablet device for your business:
1. Marketing presentations If you’re pretty handy with PowerPoint or Keynote, you can put together a great presentation that responds to the flick of your finger, when you move to the next slide or page.
2. Video presentations The majority of tablets are in High-Definition, so if you have a video presentation of a product, commercial or service, you can watch these with your clients and prospects.
3. Record, Draw or Jot down ideas Laptops are portable, but they do take some “booting” up in order to get down to recording your ideas. With tablet devices, you can record or write your ideas quickly and easily while you are community on a train, a bus, or just relaxing on a beach in the Mayan Riviera. You can then take those ideas and sync them to your laptop to continue with the composing process.
4. Find destinations, venues The GPS made a huge difference when finding our way to our destinations. But it requires the power of the cigarette lighter in the car. Now that the GPS is widely available on a tablet device, we can choose meeting destinations and find our way their easily. The best part is that most tablet devices have enough battery power to last over 8 hours. Most laptops can last under 3 hours.
5. Fill out orders quickly This is an area that makes the decision to buy so much quicker and easier. Gone are the days of going back to the office to fax in order forms. Now, you can submit an order on a company’s website while you are meeting with your prospective client. This makes life a whole lot easier.
These are just some of the things you can do with tablet devices. Convenience, Ease of Use and best of all, increased profitability. Your life will be clutter-free, organized and stress-free.
Digitally, that makes for a Healthy Life Path!:)

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