Galaxy Tape – Samsung’s Android-Based Tablet Device

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Samsung, the second largest global cell phone producer, who before now, has made little effort to enter the next-generation mobile device market with cutting edge products such as smartphones or tablet PC’s, has just introduced it edition to the tablet PC fray with the Galaxy Tape. Realizing the coming demand for tablet devices, Samsung is the latest tech company to jump on the tablet bandwagon.
The Galaxy Tape is expected to be released in late 2010. At this writing only limited information was available regarding its pricing, which networks will support it, and the other hardware and software developments forthcoming. Today’s business professionals are constantly mobile and are looking for mobile computing devices with some options. Galaxy Tape’s success hinges on its ability to meet these needs.
Developed as the Galaxy Tab, the name Galaxy Tape does not depict pictures of cutting edge technology, however, the Samsung tablet device does sport some impressive specifications. Its 7-inch flat panel will be powered by a 1.2GHz A8 processor running Android 2.2, also known as “Froyo”. It will have 16 Gigabytes of built-in storage which is expandable up to 48 Gigabytes with a microSD memory card slot. The Galaxy Tape is expected to weigh in around 13 ounces.
Two of its other noteworthy specs are its Super AMOLED display which delivers a brighter, clearer, less reflective display. The Super AMOLED display provides both better in outdoor and direct sunlight reading conditions. The other advancement that sets the Samsung Galaxy-Tape apart from the tablets currently available on the market is Samsung’s custom TouchWiz User Interface (UI). The TouchWiz as a user interface has received many mixed reviews on older smartphone platforms but on the Galaxy Tape, other tablet device UI fail in comparison.
The Galaxy Tape has been dubbed the smartphone on steroids with a thyroid problem. An image of the Samsung Galaxy Tape shows a phone icon, which imply’s this device will be capable of making voice calls, but I am sure you will agree with me, you may look a bit silly holding a 7-inch tablet up to your ear talking.
In the wake of the tremendous success of the Apple iPad, which sold more than three million units in only 80 days, there are many other tablets devices predicted for later this year. Hewlett Packard will be introducing the Hurricane which will run on the Palm WebOS. RIM is rumored to be developing a BlackBerry Tablet. And like Dell’s Streak, Samsung’s Galaxy Tape is among the first Android-based tablets to hit the market.
It is no doubt that all tablets will be measured against the iPad just as all smartphones are now measured against the iPhone. Which rises an interesting question, Can Non-Apple Tablets Compete Against the IPad? Currently there are 15 Tablets devices available that could rival Apple’s iPad. Samsung believes their Galaxy-Tape is one of them.

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