The Desire HD By HTC Outshines Its Competition

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Since its release in October 2010, HTC Desire HD has taken the Smartphone world by storm. Offering just about the best of everything, it excels at any task you throw at it. It is equipped with an 8 mega-pixel camera, super fast Internet browsing, and an immense 4.3 inch touchscreen.
Thanks to dimensions of 123x 68 mm, it feels substantial in your hand, however it is very slimline at 11.8 mm. The 4.3 inch LCD capacitive touchscreen boasts the ability to display up to 16 million colours within 480x 800 pixels. The results of these features means one thing: superb quality display of the on screen imagery. Photos and high definition video are displayed with the utmost clarity, with bright, vivid colours, with fantastic detail. This also makes it superb for gaming as well as viewing web pages with videos and games built in, as the Desire HD comes with Adobe Flash 10.1 support.
For those who like to carry their music collection within their phone, there is an integrated microSD card slot with a pre-installed 8 GB memory card. This can be made use of once the 1.5 GB internal storage has been used, and can even be replaced with a card of up to 32 GB. Therefore users can potentially store thousands of music tracks or any other files such as video clips or downloaded apps.
The HTC Desire HD has trumped the vast majority of its competition when it comes to its digital camera. Boasting eight mega pixels and a pixel resolution of 3264x 2448, it comes with a long list of built in image enhancing features, not to mention the ability to shoot high definition footage. Its features include Autofocus and face detection, and for when poor lighting conditions arise, a dual-LED flash. Users are also able to view their handiwork on the big screen, thanks to DLNA, which allows users to stream their photos and high definition videos to a compatible television, all wirelessly of course.
With more and more users taking advantage of 3G and Wi-Fi to browse the Internet on their phones, HTC has equipped the Desire HD with super fast download speeds of 14.4 Mbps in 3G covered areas, with enhanced browsing available courtesy of Wi-Fi. The full HTML web browser comes with a number of bells and whistles itself. Adobe Flash 10.1 support means users can take full advantage of websites which have embedded games and videos, and as part of the HTC Sense UI, text is automatically resized and repositioned when users zoom in to a website, so they don’t constantly have to scroll to read a whole section of text.
As you would expect from an Android (2.2) operated Smartphone, the full package of Google features is provided, which includes Google search, maps and Gmail, as well as social networking and social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Picasa integration. A long list of multimedia features is also included, as well as the ability to download additional apps from the Android Market. The latter means the sky’s the limit in terms of personalisation and functionality. The highly capable 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor provides ample computing power to handle any task you can throw at it with ease.
Whatever you are looking for from a Smartphone, chances are the HTC Desire HD already has it, and if it does not, it can be downloaded. The HTC Desire HD looks set to claim the top spot for quite some time, and it would take something very special to rival its comprehensive spec list.